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Agb Agreement

(2) The client is not allowed to transfer his rights under the contract. 2. Damage caused by gross negligence is compensated for known cases. both parties to the agreement as much as their likely values at the time of signing the agreement, unless notified to the customer to the contrary for the completed work, we assume no responsibility for the non-compliance of the materials supplied by the customer or for the exchange of defective materials. End of the agreement You can cancel this contract by destroying all copies of the programs. We have the right to terminate your right to use the programs if you do not comply with one of the terms of this Agreement, in which case you will destroy all copies of the programs. 3.2 If the performance of the right to payment is compromised due to a deterioration in the customer`s financial situation that occurs or is known after the conclusion of the contract, IFEN GmbH may request a prepayment and immediate payment of all outstanding, deferred or non-due debts. In these cases, IFEN GmbH may retain software and hardware products ordered but not delivered until payment and stop work on current orders for the business relationship. IFEN GmbH is entitled to these rights even if the customer does not make a payment despite the warning. No technical assistance Our technical assistance organization does not provide you with technical assistance, telephone support or updates for licensed programs under this Agreement, unless technical assistance is acquired as part of a separate agreement with DNA. Relationships between the parties Under existing exclusive partnership agreements for DNA products, licensee products that use these DNA products cannot be used or licensed for licensee customers working for or in the foreign services sector (worldwide). If the licensee intends to license the licensee`s product with one or more DNA products in this branch, the licensee is required to contact the DNA in order to obtain written authorization for the desired final customer before using DNA products. 9.

Transfer date The graphic designer agrees to respect the agreed transfer date of the work to be created. In this case, he is not responsible for the force majeure or delay due to external contract services. The agreement on a firm transaction within the meaning of the Austrian ABGB is subject to written form. Delays due to the provision of documents or decision-making processes prolong the delivery date accordingly, although significant interruptions free the graphic designer from the agreed delivery date. 10. Severability Clause The licensee agrees that this contract is a complete agreement for software and licenses, and this agreement replaces all prior or concurrent agreements or assurances. If a provision of this agreement is declared invalid or unenforceable by a competent court, that provision is interpreted, limited or, if necessary, struck down to the extent necessary to eliminate that disability or inapplicability. The parties agree to negotiate in good faith a valid and enforceable replacement provision, which will almost have the effect of the parties` original intention to conclude this agreement, or to create a fair adjustment in the event that no such provision could be added. The other provisions of this agreement remain fully applicable and effective. 5. Ownership 5.1 Any computer software made available to the customer by the supplier in accordance with or in connection with the contract is treated confidentially by the customer and is subject to a separate licensing agreement.

5.2 Software products, licenses or the final product of work developed or being carried out under this contract or delivered products are not transferred to the customer until the supplier has been fully paid for all goods, licenses or services provided (where appropriate).